Work on HL7 Australia Pathology, Radiology and Referral Messaging Localisation.

Drafting of material under the Orders and Observations HL7 Australia working group committee can be seen at

This work has been undertaking in conjunction with Michael Legg who is Chair of the PITUS Committee. More information on PITUS and the work of its 6 working groups can be found here.

Standards documents have been put through a complete public comment and ballot cycle and final document produced ready for use.

HL7AUSD-STD-OO-ADRM-2018.1 Australian Diagnostics and Referral Messaging - Localisation of HL7 Version 2.4

This is an Australian localisation of the international HL7 V2 Standard covering the laboratory/diagnostics result reporting and laboratory/radiology ordering and referral messaging.
"Diagnostics" covers non laboratory reporting including reporting of diagnostic imaging and non referral related clinical reporting (for example: echocardiography, respiratory function, endoscopy, stress testing, sleep studies).
The term pathology in Australia covers all aspects of laboratory medicine including clinical and anatomical pathology domains.

This document and the specifications in it supersede those in AS 4700.2-2012 - Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.4 - Pathology and diagnostic imaging (diagnostics) and HB 262 (Rev)-2012 - Guidelines for messaging between diagnostic providers and health service providers, and AS 4700.6-2006 Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.4 Part 6: Referral, discharge and health record messaging.


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