HL7 Australia’s standards development process is lightly aligned on the HL7 International model, with consideration taken for the smaller pool of potential collaborators within Australia. It is process driven, to ensure a consistent, repeatable, open and transparent decision making process that drives consensus-based standards development.

Work Groups have been created to foster collaboration and focus efforts on creating or extending HL7 Standards that are useful to Australia.

HL7 Australia Work Groups are supported by a new collaboration and tools framework.  The mandate of these groups is to be agile, collaborative and consensus based.  Work Groups are largely self-managing and are led by two Co-Chairs.  The Work Groups meet on a schedule set by the Co-Chair and the Work Group members.

HL7 Australia have been awarded a community license by Atlassian, which provides support to each Work Group.  All Work Group Projects are open to all to view and contribute with only balloting available to HL7 Australia members.  Access to the projects can be found at the links below - first time visitors will need to register for a free account.

Details of Work Group meetings and how you can participate can be found on the HL7 Australia Confluence site: http://confluence.hl7australia.com

Any technical issues accessing HL7 AU Confluence can be directed to admin@hl7.org.au 

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