FHIR development and localisation continues with the finalization of FHIR Standard for Trial Use 3 (STU3).

To allow common representations of Australian eHealth concepts using FHIR® a community has formed to discuss and align implementations. These proposed representations will form the basis of implementations to be tested via local Connectathons and will feed into further formalisations for use and publication as standards specifications.

Meetings and discussions are recorded under the HL7 Working Group wiki http://confluence.hl7australia.com

Australian draft and connectathon FHIR implementation guide directory can be found at http://fhir.hl7.org.au/fhir/

Please contact Brett Esler (brett.esler@oridashi.com.au) or Working Group Committee Co-chairs if you wish to join the Australian localisation effort.

Also join the community chat on the FHIR Zulip channel for Australia https://chat.fhir.org/#narrow/stream/australia



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