HL7 Australia has been involved in developing local health informatics standards since its inception. Two specific projects are underway currently. They are an Australian FHIR implementers group looking at representations of local concepts and the HL7 Australia Standards Development Initiative.

  • FHIR® AU

    The Australian FHIR implementers group is a community of interested standards implementers that need common representations of local concepts using FHIR.

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  • Pathology, Radiology and Referral Localisation

    Ongoing HL7 Australia Pathology and Radiology Messaging localisation work continues including a final HL7 Australia standard has been published for use. 

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  • Work Groups

    HL7 Australia’s standards development process is lightly aligned on the HL7 International model, with consideration taken for the smaller pool of potential collaborators within Australia. It is process driven, to ensure a consistent, repeatable, open and transparent decision making process that drives consensus-based standards development.

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