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Posted by Rebbecca Matthews. 17 March, 2016.

HL7 Australia launches new Standards Development Initiative

In healthcare HL7 is synonymous with Standards.  HL7 International develops HL7 Standards through a collaborative process representing worldwide interests.  With a global focus in that development, it is the exclusive responsibility of HL7’s International Affiliates to localise those global Standards to make them relevant to their member countries.

As the Australian affiliate of HL7 International, HL7 Australia has historically worked through third party channels to create these localisations.  For the past few years however those channels have not been successful in delivering HL7 Standards that meet the changing needs of Australian healthcare. 

Recognising the absence of governance, consensus and broad collaboration in this area, the Board of HL7 Australia has been working to implement a strategy to foster Australian development of HL7 Standards.   That strategy includes the setup of a Standards Working Group structure modelled on HL7 International.

Led by a new HL7 Australia Technical Steering Committee (TSC), three initial Work Groups have been created to foster collaboration and focus efforts on creating or extending HL7 Standards that are useful to Australia.

These new HL7 Australia Work Groups will be supported by a new collaboration and tools framework.  The mandate of these groups is to be agile, collaborative and consensus based.  

Work Groups will be largely self-managing and will be led by two Co-Chairs.  The Work Groups will meet on a schedule set by the Co-Chair and the Work Group members.

HL7 Australia will additionally be organising three annual Work Group Meetings in Australia.  These WGMs will bring together the TSC and Work Groups for in person sessions and will be accompanied by educational and networking opportunities.

The first HL7 Australia Working Group meeting will be held on Monday 11th April in Brisbane, and all members and interested parties are welcome to attend this one day event.

The Board of HL7 Australia is excited by the opportunity to reboot a HL7 standards process in Australia.  We will be releasing more information over the coming weeks.  We will be holding a webinar on Wednesday 23th March at 2pm AEST to provide more information on this new initiative.  Details and registration can be found here

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