Message to members from the Chair

Posted by Rebbecca Matthews, Secretary. 1 December, 2015.

Dear Members,

At the Annual General Meeting of HL7 Australia held on 19 November 2015, the membership elected a new Board to represent its member interests.  These elections are contested by a passionate group of volunteers, each of whom brings something special to HL7 Australia.  Last year, 69 votes were cast to elect the Chair of HL7 Australia.  This year, 102 votes were cast.  By any analysis, that is a significant increase in interest in these elections and reflects the unique position of HL7 Australia in health informatics. 

HL7 Australia reflects a broad membership, encompassing health care professionals and organisations, vendors, government, academia, statutory bodies, informaticians and other interested parties.  Finding the balance of interests that reflects our membership is a challenge that the Board has and will continue to deal with over the coming years.  A number of significant issues need to be addressed including:

  • A Standards Development process that reliably and pragmatically progresses Australian needs; 
  • An Intellectual Property position that facilitates the consistent use of HL7 material in Australia without unnecessary encumbrance and with fair recognition of attribution; 
  • A forum for sharing the vast wealth of knowledge of our Integration specialists to find ‘patterns’ that work, to encourage best practice, and to educate new participants;   
  • An Organisation that is transparent, inclusive, accountable and modern.

After previously serving 4 years on the Board of HL7 Australia in various roles, a year of absence, and this year being elected to the Chair, I am acutely aware of the contribution that the Board members and in particular its Executive members make to HL7 both nationally and internationally.  As unpaid volunteers your Board consistently works to further HL7 Australia.  From time to time there may be differences of opinion on how that should best be manifested, however the underlying drive underpinning all motivations is to facilitate improved communications in healthcare. 

Trish Williams served three years on the Board, the last two of which she has led HL7 Australia as our Chair.  As one of the world’s leading experts in security, an educator, a facilitator, and always ready with an easy smile and a welcoming nature, her contribution to HL7 Australia and the Board has been remarkable. 

Vincent McCauley most recently served two years on the Board, the last as Secretary.  Vince is a towering force in Australian Informatics, wielding his substantial intellect with rapier precision.  His drive for interoperability and software safety have been hallmarks of his long contribution. 

Michael Legg was a Board member for the past two years, bringing both his management expertise, wisdom, and enormous experience working in Pathology to the Board of HL7 Australia.  Michael was also pivotal in ushering in the new HL7 Australia website. 

HL7 Australia thanks Trish, Vincent and Michael for their hard work and their concerted efforts to raise the profile of HL7 Australia. 



Nat Wong

Chair, HL7 Australia

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