HL7.au Update Nov-15

Posted by Trish Williams. 11 November, 2015.

HL7 Australia Update - November 2015 
(also as a PDF for you to forward to other members of your organisation)

Dear HL7.au Members,

It is timely to report to members the significant progress HL7 Australia has made in the past year, specifically against the plan established in November 2014 (as per the One Page Plan update). Most notable are the:

  • New mobile friendly and user maintainable HL7 Australia website;
  • Establishment of infrastructure and process for localization of standards;
  • HL7 Australia FHIR® Server and HL7 Australia Terminology Server is live and currently being trialled by a group of HL7 Australia members. This will come online with the new HL7 Australia website; 
  • Quarterly communication with members and webinars updates following HL7 Work Group Meetings;
  • Development of a clear description of member benefits for each category of membership;
  • Increased number of education events and Connectathons including an education day in Perth for the first time in December. All the education events have been free to members, thus providing enhanced membership benefit.
  • Fostering the Australian FHIR community through delivery of a FHIReducation event, a FHIR Connectathon, and commencing the process for FHIR localisation.
  • Members surveyed for education requirements and interest. An education plan has been developed and circulated, and
  • HL7 Australia Pathology messaging localisation drafting has commenced.

The increased attention to governance has been a major focus for the Board this year, which has contributed to the consistent progress. Our meetings now are structured according to our plan and the plan is reviewed and revised where appropriate throughout the year.  All documents are shared in a repository which will be available to the incoming Board.  This is no mean feat as all board members have (more than) full time jobs. Further, the Board has endeavoured to communicate more with members than in previous years.

Planning for the future includes a review of the HL7.au Constitution. In light of a number of changes that need attention identified over the past two years, the revision is planned for 2016. Volunteers to assist the Board with this are sought and would be welcomed.

There have been productive discussions with NEHTA relating to HL7 IP. HL7Australia welcomes NEHTA’s openness and encouragement to the states and Australian government departments to join HL7 Australia. HL7 Australia is looking forward to a greater level of involvement from all members in 2016, facilitated by the advances the Board has made this year. In regards to IP, HL7 Australia has been a major contributor in formulating the definitions for the revised Affiliate Agreement.

It appears that some receiving organizational servers (particularly government departments) have experienced email problems in sending and receiving emails from HL7 Australia. Please check that your organisation does not have a restriction on emails to or from HL7.org.au.

With the new HL7 Australia website coming online, HL7 Australia apologises, in advance, for any inconvenience to members as a result of the upgrade and release of the new HL7 Australia website. We are improving email handling and communication with members as part of the website development.

Lastly, I would like to thank, unreservedly, the current Board. The 2015-2016 HL7Australia Board members have been exceptional in their volunteer commitment of time and resources to achieve the progress in the past year.


A/Prof Trish Williams
Chair, HL7 Australia


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