HL7 Australia (HL7.au)

Founded in 1998, HL7 Australia (HL7.au) is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization that supports the creation and effective use of health informatics standards in Australia. It is the local affiliate of HL7 International. Members of HL7 Australia are representative of those using and benefiting from HL7 Standards in Australia. They make an important and significant contribution to the work of HL7 International and global health informatics standards development more generally.

HL7.au Vision

HL7 Australia is a viable, respected and influential association. Australia is recognised as a leader in the adoption and development of the HL7 family of standards with appropriate national resources and expertise and this has led to better health and efficiency. 

HL7.au Mission

HL7 Australia supports the health informatics community by
   o  Developing, coordinating, and championing standards
   o  Facilitating good practice implementation and use of standards
   o  Developing skills and knowledge amongst members and the wider informatics community
   o  Fostering a community of practice

HL7.au Values

As an association we:
   o  Value and support our volunteers
   o  Respect the expertise and work of our membership
   o  Have open, consensus-based processes
   o  Operate efficiently and not for profit
o Are effective champions for communication and the meaningful use of health information
   o  Believe standardisation is fundamental to quality and safety and can improve efficiency

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