HL7 Australia is an association incorporated in the ACT.  The latest Rules and Objects are available here.

It is administered by a Board consisting of the chairman, treasurer, secretary and four ordinary members elected each year by the membership from the membership. The Board may co-opt others. The current Board can be found here.

HL7 Australia has an agreement with HL7 International. The HL7 Australia member rights and obligations under that agreement in relation to HL7 copyright material and intellectual property are currently under review by the HL7 Australia Board.  A statement from the Board on this review can be found here.

The current plan that the Board is working to is here and progress against that plan is shown here.  A specific plan for education has also been developed and that is here.

The procedure for undertaking standards development in Australia is currently under development.  It is intended that this be modelled on the process used by HL7 International but made practical for use in a much smaller domain.  It will involve forming working groups and balloting documents to achieve consensus.  The latest draft of the development process is available here.  This process will be voted on by the membership.

The following HL7 Australia policies are also available:


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