Download Australian Pathology Messaging - Localisation of HL7 Version 2.4, Release 1 

Australian Pathology Messaging - Localisation of HL7 Version 2.4, Release 1 is the Australian localisation of the HL7 V2 Laboratory ordering and result reporting specification.

This guide contains the necessary specifications for pathology requests and reports in Australian healthcare using the HL7 V2.4 protocol.

This document tries to provide coverage for all laboratory messaging scenarios in the Australian context including public and private entities, hospital and community and public health entities.
The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) has developed a number of policies around safety in requesting and reporting including the use of terminology and the transmission of data. These policies have been incorporated into this document.
This document and the specifications in it supersede those in AS 4700.2-2012 - Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.4 - Pathology and diagnostic imaging (diagnostics) and HB 262 (Rev)-2012 - Guidelines for messaging between diagnostic providers and health service providers.

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