HL7 Australia 2016 - A Year in review

Posted by Nat Wong. 1 November, 2016.

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Dear Members,

With the HL7 Australia Annual General Meeting only a week away, I would like to pay tribute to the hard working members of the HL7 Australia Board, Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and Work Groups that have made this an exceptional year for our Association.  Without their passion and dedication so much of the change that was envisaged 12 months ago would have remained paper dreams.

For those who are not able to hear the Chair’s report at the upcoming AGM, I thought I would note some of the key successes of the past 12 months.  For a volunteer Board, I hope you agree that the progress has been truly outstanding.

  • Created and launched a new Standards Development Initiative with the establishment of a Technical Steering Committee, Work Groups and an extended leadership group to manage these groups;
  • Created and launched a new collaborative platform based on Confluence and other Atlassian tools to support a new agile and collaborative standards development process;
  • Organised and delivered the first two HL7 Australia Working Group Meetings with the third scheduled for next week;
  • Sponsored an open and collaborative project to develop a HL7 version 2, CDA and FHIR Implementation Guide and Roadmap.  This Roadmap will shortly be presented to Government as a milestone in a new era of cooperative partnership;
  • Cosponsored with CSIRO and Nehta three (3) Terminology Connect-a-Thons based on HL7 FHIR in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne;
  • Worked to build new cooperative partnerships with stakeholders such as Standards Australia, Nehta/Australian Digital Health Agency and the Federal Department of Health;
  • Forged new Trans Tasman links with HL7 New Zealand that have seen New Zealand participants at our WGMs, and HL7 Australia and HL7 New Zealand jointly promoting HL7 in the region;
  • Transitioned our Accounting software to a XERO cloud solution, instituted the use of MailChimp for HL7 Australia communications, and extended the use of the existing HL7 Australia website with new features and content.


These are a subset of the activities that have kept the Board working hard.  The 2016/2017 Board year promises to be equally exciting as the Board works to build on these initiatives, improve its operations and governance, and extend its membership reach.

We hope that you’ll join us at the WGM and AGM next week to continue and contribute to HL7 Australia’s resurgence.




Nat Wong

Chair, HL7 Australia.

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