• MuleSoft

    Transform your business with an application network

    Imagine a streamlined network that uses APIs to connect your company’s applications, data, and devices. You’d innovate faster, create better customer experiences, and outpace your competition. These are the kinds of outcomes MuleSoft delivers.


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  • Emerging Systems

    Emerging Systems is a member of the Telstra Health Group and a leading Australian Hospital EHR provider. 

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  • eHealth NSW

    eHealth NSW is a distinct organisation within the NSW Ministry of Health to provide statewide leadership on the shape, delivery and management of ICT-led healthcare.

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  • eHealth QLD

    eHealth Queensland is a Division with Queensland’s Department of Health.  eHealth QLD is committed to advancing healthcare through digital innovation advancing digital healthcare.

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  • Victoria DHHS

    We play a critical role in the Victorian health system. We are responsible for supporting service delivery today and for shaping the system to meet the future health needs of all Victorians.

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  • Become a benefactor

    Benefactor members receive additional recognition of their contribution to HL7 Australia

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